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Shortly after the first world war, a consortium of local business men purchased the estate of Lord Eldon, added a wing to the existing Shirley House. This later became the Shirley Park Hotel.

Later in the 1920’s a number of bowlers from the Black Horse Hotel, Addiscombe and the Southern Railway Bowling Club, whose ground in Park Lane was acquired for a car park, decided to form a private club.

Consequently, a part of the garden of the Shirley Park Hotel was leased, a Cumberland Turf green was laid and a clubhouse erected. The club was officially opened in 1928 by the then President of the E.B.A., John Lang.

In the early 1960’s the news that the lease was to terminate and the whole area of which the Club formed part was to be taken as a new site for Whitgift Trinity School.

The Members set up a Committee to seek a new site and to raise loans to finance the project.

The response to the loan appeal was such that a large proportion of the required funds was raised from among the Members.

It was at this point that the motto of the club became “There will always be a Shirley Park”.

The move to the current site was made in 1963 and on the 27th of April that year, the new club was formally opened by Councilor Aston and the club purchased the freehold from Croydon Council in 1999.

Click on the link below to see a list of previous presidents, captains and honorary members.

Past presidents, captains and honorary members

Notes taken from the local newspaper on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee Year in 1978.

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